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In October 2002 the Institute for the History of Art at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich invited representatives from various fields - history of art, media sciences, architecture and IT - to a colloquium to discuss the methodical implications of digital information processing for the research and teaching of the history of art. The themes were computer-aided teaching methods, the digital picture and its classification in databases and also the spatial visualisation of (art-historical) knowledge.
The articles at hand originate from this colloquium. The organisation was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of the VW Foundation and the Siemens Arts Program. The VW Foundation has also supported this online publication.

It was not only the subject of the colloquium that made the digital publication of the papers in an online journal obvious, but it proved to be ideal to use the Online Journal Zeitenblicke as an organ of speech which characterises our colloquium - the coalescence of contributions on one topic from various disciplines.
The editors' introductory text will give you an overview of the various articles.
At this point we would like to thank the authors and guests for their commitment and participation in the colloquium. Our thanks also go to Sabine Büttner and Yvonne Bruderrek for their dedicated editorial work and to the publishing team of Zeitenblicke for making the publication possible.

Munich, April 2003

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